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Nobody really wants to see the large spruce trees in the rear of the building removed, but due to their current condition it is the right thing to do. We called in an professional arborist from Collins tree services and his recommendation was to thin out the trees due to the age of the trees, poor soil conditions, and lack of sun light. Based on his evaluation he suggested removing four of the tall spruce and leaving the ones on the corner of the building. This will allow the maple trees behind the spruce to show from the building. They are approximately 2 to 3 stories high and by opening up the area the maple trees will get more sun and grow better for the future. The maple trees will still do a good job of blocking the condos in the rear of the building and provide some color for the rear of the building. In addition to removing the trees, Collins recommended doing plantings in the spring in that area such as rhododendrons or other plants or trees that would survive in an acid based soil. The board already had another bid and recommendation in which the recommendation was very close to being the same, but the cost was much lower as proposed by Collins, so the vote by the board was to have Collins remove the four trees he recommended to be removed.

In addition to the trees, Collins surveyed the lilac bushes along the fire lane in the rear of the building and advised us that over the years, they have been pruned incorrectly. The lilacs have repeatedly had the new growth cut off of them instead of pruning the adult branches and allowing the new growth to flourish.  He also proposed to trim the lilacs differently to allow them to start bringing in new growth, making the bushes lower and fuller for the future.  He sugested it would take about 18 months for them to completely fill out with new growth, but that when they do they would provide an attractive and colorful hedge along the fire lane. The board also voted to accept this recommenadtion as part of the tree removal proposal.


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